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The Drive-in is a unique viewing venue that is full of family fun. They are a perfect way to bring community together and celebrate. 

Pop Up Cinema re-creates this nostalgic experience throwback by projecting movies on a giant, inflatable 50' screen, and broadcasting the sound to your car's FM radio while you watch from the comfort of your vehicle! 

We pop the popcorn, chill the drinks and have lots of snack favourites at our canteen, or delivered directly to your vehicle for you to munch on while you watch a great family favourite film! 


Pop Up Cinema offers two packages for Drive In theatres: 

(please contact us for pricing) 

Option A: Host your event with us. You cover the movie licensing, logistic and equipment costs and we do all the work. We provide the security, the washrooms, canteen, movie ticketing and event planning. 

Option B: You provide the venue and the logistics (to our operating standards), and movie licensing. We provide the snacks, screen and projector and staff to operate.

What you can do:

Pop Up Cinema uses only the best technology to recreate the cinema experience outdoors. 

Our screen measures 16m wide X 8m deep X 10m high

It requires a projector throw distance of 26m (lens options are available for your site). We use ultra bright projectors to get maximum clarity and best contrast. 

Our screen ratio is 16:9 allowing for flat or scope projection. Some movies may have black bars along the top and bottom. We project movies as the director intended and do not stretch or scale images. 

Licensed films can be shown from Bluray, DVD, DCP or digital. MOV or MP4 files can be displayed for pre-show or advertising. 

We broadcast on Radio Canada licensed 106.7 FM. Music is SOCAN and AVLA licensed. We can not play unlicensed music or video. 

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Box Office


We provide box-office services for your event. 

Our system provides CRM system for advance tickets, online sales or at event ticketing. Customers can pay with VISA, American Express, Mastercard, Apply Pay, Google Pay, or VISA Debit. 

Customers simply have their mobile or print at home ticket scanned upon arrival. This allows you to know when all your guests have arrived and to help in event planning needs. 

We can provide on site chip-card reading, contact less payments or swipe. Advance tickets can be purchased online. You have the option of general admission sales, or reserved spots. Our box office also offers customer service care for advance sales and on site. 

Our CRM system complies with contract tracing requirements for COVID-19. We can also provide you with a post-event sales report, and advertising mailing list. 




We provide concession services for your event. 

We sell directly to your costumers or give you the option to pre-buy snacks for your guests. This can be "open-bar" style, or via redemption value card.

Guests have the options of great fun foods like:

  • Popcorn & flavour seasoning

  • Cotton Candy

  • Kids Combos

  • Slushies

  • Nachos and hot cheese/salsa

  • Chocolate, Candy and other movie favs.

We set up our inflatable concessions stand, and allow for walk up orders, or delivery via our custom app directly to customers cars. 

We provide the equipment, the supplies and the staff! You simply enjoy the show. 


Choice of Film


The exhibition of movies requires a licence. We do not licence the film, we work with two different agencies who handle the rights to show non-theatrical movies in Canada.


We will help you select a movie, and obtain licensing for your event. 

*Please note that due to COVID-19 films in Canada are difficult to obtain rights to. Not all titles are available as first run movies are not being released in theatres. There are restrictions on certain studios and are based on your proximities to a brick and mortar cinema. 

When planing your event, please allow sufficient time to choose your movie. Wait until you have confirmation of licensing before announcing your film. 

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